Away from Ten Thousand Tastebuds, I work full time – also in the Food Industry, but really nothing to do with what I blog about here.  The company I work for is a global natural ingredients manufacturer, and we supply to major food manufacturers for retail and food service products.
Last week we were in Sydney working at a Trade Show, called Foodservice Australia.  Anyone who has worked at a Trade Show will identify with the set up and pack down and the inevitable sore feet, sore legs and sore back from standing all day.  The other issue is the bad timing! Most trade shows involve weekends (this one included) and by the end of the show, the days seem to swim into each other and Tuesday feels like it should be Thursday…
Everything went off without too many major glitches, which was a plus! The other big plus were the dining experiences we had.  We are a team of food lovers, and there are often discussions around where to eat when we travel interstate. The trend in Sydney (and more so in Melbourne) is the no bookings policy. I hate it. It makes an evening so difficult to plan, especially with a group of 4 or so people. I don’t fancy traipsing the streets finding Plan B restaurant and not knowing what time dinner will be.  Our Sydney dining experiences were a mix of fixed bookings, and a few ‘cross our fingers and hope’ wishes. Luckily we were able to get in everywhere we wanted, and it was a great week!
Here I’ve summed up the tastes from last week in Sydney.  Not every meal was photographed, and all the photos were taken via non-iPhones so the picture quality is not fab!  Nevertheless, these meals are worth sharing…


I’ve wanted to dine at Ms.G’s for a long time, but as far as we could gather, bookings are not taken, unless it’s a larger group. We arrived early on a Friday night and nabbed a table around 6.30pm.  I would recommend no later than this, because the restaurant filled up mighty quickly after this. Overall, this was the most relaxed meal we had in Sydney and it was my favourite. I loved all the sharing options and dessert was the highlight! Normally savoury courses win me over each time, but the Stoner’s Delight dessert was just amazing.

Ms.G's on Urbanspoon

Source: via Rupert on Pinterest


Mini bánh mì- crisp pork belly or chicken katsu
Calamari & snow crab salad, yuzu & miso ranch dressing
Fried baby chicken, Kimchi Mayonnaise half
DIY Spicy Lamb San Choy Bow
“Stoner’s Delight 2.0” doughnut ice cream, peanut butter, raspberry jam, candied bacon, potato chips, mars bar slice, banana fritter

Stoner's Delight Dessert

This dessert was amazing! The candied bacon was surprisingly delicious and for $12, this dessert was excellent value.

Stoner's Delight dessert at Ms.G's sydney

“Ms G’s Lemon tart” lemon curd, streusel, lemon granita, mascarpone sorbet.
Any Masterchef viewers will recognise this Lemon Tart as a dish that made an appearance during one of the challenges.

Deconstructed Lemon Tart

Source: via Christie on Pinterest



Ormeggio at the Spit

Ormeggio is in a beautiful waterfront spot in Mosman. Although we dined at night, I suspect lunch would be a more picturesque experience. We sat and watched the million dollar yachts and multi million dollar homes set into the rocks, and wandered about the people who own them. We wistfully imagined ourselves in another life “how the other half live”, and then we enjoyed a beautiful meal.

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What we ate: the menu at Ormeggio is structured slightly differently to entree-main-dessert, and diners are recommended to have 4 courses. These can be made up of sweet or savoury and are spaced out at comfortable intervals to make for a relaxed fine dining experience.
This is a snapshot of some of what we ate (not all by me!)
Southern calamari, macadamia, tapioca, salmon roe
Calamari, macadamia and caviar at Ormeggio at the spit
Risotto, champagne, spanner crab, parsley purée
Risotto with spanner crab at Ormeggio
Chargrilled blackmore wagyu brisket, pickled jerusalem artichoke, spanish onion purée, peppery herbs
 Wagyu at ormeggio
Suckling pig, parsnip purée, fermented red cabbage, fennel seeds
Suckling pig at Ormeggio
Amedei tuscan black chocolate, pear, piedmonte hazelnuts
chocolate and pear dessert
Rhubarb, buttermilk, yoghurt, olive oil biscuit
rhubarb and yoghurt dessert

Black by ezard at The Star

Black by ezard is a part of the newly revamped Star Casino complex. Arriving by taxi, we were greeted by an immaculately dressed doorman, who personally escorted us to the restaurant – a long walk, and we were very impressed by the personal touch. Black has a beautiful decor and luxe feel, and the food was excellent, but we felt the experience was very rushed and not a relaxed dining evening. Perhaps this is part of being in the Casino complex.
BLACK by ezard on Urbanspoon

Source: via Moby Frank on Pinterest

Grilled, chimichurri, fennel salad
Snapper with chimichurri sauce
Hand cut, rosemary salt
Chips in a cute basket
Wood Grilled Vegetables 
Romesco sauce, Zucchini Fritters and Hand Cut Chips
Side dishes at Black by ezard
 Warm couverture ganache, dulce de leche ice cream, peanut butter mousse
Chocolate Ball
Chocolate Ball
Clover honey parfait, ginger biscuit, honeycomb and cinnamon


Porteño had been on my list to try after seeing the 2 head chefs/owners on Masterchef last year. No bookings for groups under 6 made us wary but we were determined to give it a go. We arrived at 6.30pm and secured a table of 4. Again I’d recommend arriving no later than this, because even on a Monday night the restaurant was full.

Source: via Kine on Pinterest

Porteño on Urbanspoon

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The grill at Porteno
The menu is all designed to share and appeals to meat lovers.  We shared the following:
Emapanada de Carne – Beef Empanada
Smoked Mackerel, Palm Heart, Avocado & Pickled Celery
BBQ Calamari with Chickpea Sofrito, Preserved Lemon & Watercress
Chorizo PORTEÑO  Housemade Pork Sausage
Wagyu Inside Skirt Steak
8 hour Woodfired Milk Fed Mirrool Creek Lamb
Crispy Fried Brussel Sprouts with Lentils and Mint
Sautéed Green Beans with Confit Lemon and Mustard Seeds


Flying Fish

Flying Fish Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon
The Flying Fish was our last dining experience in Sydney, and by this point we were all very tired from the week away. Nevertheless it’s hard not to be awed by the prime position of the Flying Fish and it’s exceptional food.
Owner Peter Kuruvita has a Sri Lankan background, like me, and so I was curious to try out one of his Sri Lankan inspired dishes. I had the Snapper for main, which was excellent and another diner tried the Sri Lankan Vegetable Curry.
By this stage in our trip, we had abandoned taking photos of each dish that made it to the table!
Here is a summary of what we ate:
White soy torched scampi, seared scallop, sushi rice, green shallot, shiso leaf
Line caught snapper, white Sri Lankan curry sauce, king prawn,
parsley mallum, date & tamarind
Flying fish hand cut chips with chilli salt
Leaf Salad with Flying Fish dressing

Source: Uploaded by user via Executive on Pinterest

When you’re in Sydney next, or if you live there now, check one (or all) of these restaurants out!
Do you have a favourite restaurant in Sydney? I’d love to hear from you – leave me a comment below…
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