This little blog has been officially going for about 6 months. While I would love to spend hours developing the site each day, the reality is I work full time, and the blog sits here until I can squeeze in spare time at nights and on weekends, to prepare blog posts and updates.
The whole thing started when I enrolled in a course by Serena Star Leonard, called The Website Launchpad.  Over 9 weeks in early 2012, Serena taught a group of eager would-be-bloggers around Australia and New Zealand how to start a blog based on our passions.
My passion (of course) has always been food. I also like to learn something new each year, or challenge myself in some way away from the routine of work and general life.
I’ve always been curious about the digital world, and honestly thought that anyone who had a website had paid a small fortune to have it set up. I also had no idea how blogs worked, or what a plug-in or a widget was.
The Website Launchpad course changed all of that!  Now I know my way around many more digital applications, and although I’m still light years away from being any sort of expert, a lot more of it makes sense.  And I love it!
My aim for the blog is to create a community of food lovers, and to provide an online resource for information on:
  • Food ingredients
  • Cooking Classes
  • Food Tours and
  • Gourmet Experiences
I include the odd dining experience, but I really didn’t want to be another site reviewing restaurants – there are so many voices in that arena already.
6 months down the track, I’m still a long way away from having the quantity of content I’d like up on the blog. But with everything else I’m juggling, I’m not going to be too hard on myself.
Ok so I’m way off track here…
During this phase of learning about blogging and all things digital, I subscribed to a number of other blogs and websites who operate in the realm of Professional Blogging.  One of these is Problogger, created and run by Darren Rowse here in Melbourne.  In the blogging world, Problogger is serious business, and has global readership.
So I was most excited to read about an upcoming Problogger Special Event on Food & Wine Blogging.

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As described by the event site:
This Problogger Special Event has been created specifically for bloggers of food, wine and foodie-related topics so that they may come together to learn and network – with the goal of building better blogs.  It’s open to bloggers of all levels and we hope it will be the first in a series of “foodie” events.
OMG! There was little questioning my excitement, and I was one of the first people to register. Nerd. Yes.
The event will be held on Tuesday 17th July at Maha Restaurant.  Problogger’s Darren Rowse will host the evening and Maha owner and celebrity chef Shane Delia will be the emcee and chef. The Maha team will serve a 3 course meal with matching wines – I’ve dined at Maha and St. Kat’s so I can only imagine the food will be amazing.
The Problogger Food & Wine Blogger Event has 3 speakers lined up to share their own experiences in the digital world.
They are:

“Jetsetting Joyce”

Intellectual property and IT lawyer, mother, and blogger.  Joyce writes for the 3 blogs below – wow I’m not sure how she does it all!
MEL: HOT OR NOT (The Decisive Guide to Melbourne)
TOT: HOT OR NOT (The Decisive Guide to Parenthood)
CycleStyle – an online bike and accessories shop

Dan Sims, The Wine Guide

Blog: The Wine Guide
Insights on how Dan’s straight forward  approach can be applied to our own blogging.

 Hilary McNevin, Broadsheet, The Age

Blog: Food With Thought
Hilary will share her extensive experience in writing reviews, providing key hints and tips on the art of review writing. She has also the author of the book “A Guide to Fish” and I found this interesting, and very important piece to share. 

I’m really looking forward to hearing from these 3 speakers, as well as from Darren Rowse and Shane Delia. As a newcomer to the experience of blogging, there is so much to learn, and I can’t wait to see, hear and taste what the event holds.
I’m also so keen to meet some of the other Food Bloggers who will be attending – particularly Lady Rice, my fellow Website Launchpad student.
Stay tuned for my experience!


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